What we do

We create powerful videos that help startups communicate their visions so that they’re easily understood by anyone. A video that clearly communicates your message, and shows how your product works, will help you get investors on board, make a lasting impression on your intended audience, and get your idea closer to realization.

Simplified Media Inc. Clients on Set
Simplified Media Inc. Ben McMillan Filming

When we work with you, we take the time to understand your core message, define it and refine it so that it’s clear, easily understood and entertaining on the page. We then create a beautiful video (or multiple videos) that tells your story and helps you achieve your goals.

We offer everything you need to make a great video

Concept development, storyboarding
and writing

Pre-Production and

Editing, Scoring, and
Special Effects

Final approval, Video Delivery,
and Launch

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From concept to filming to post-production, you’ll see how we pay close attention to every detail.

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