Profusa created a device that will help millions of people. They chose Simplified Media to tell their story.

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Profusa, Inc.

Located in San Francisco, California. Currently 29 Employees. Profusa’s mission is to make our body’s chemistry easily accessible to improve health and wellness. Profusa is dedicated to becoming a leader in the development of real-time biosensors that provide unprecedented insights into our overall health status.

The Challenge

Profusa had this great product and ideas for the future of the company, but was having a hard time succinctly communicating their message and mission statement. It was complicated to describe what they were doing and they were missing the wow factor that their product desperately needed.

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What We Did

Simplified Media started the process meeting with the Profusa team. We sat down in a room and discussed the competition and how they could separate themselves from it. Ben Hwang, the CEO of Profusa, wanted to explore the idea of knowing yourself through your body chemistry. We took that concept and ran with it by using case studies of various ways it could improve lives. We then went about writing the script and after several drafts, everyone was happy with the direction. Our deadline was CES in Las Vegas that was just months away, so we put all of our resources into a sped-up timeline to make that happen. Every step of the way, Profusa was involved. By the time we reached editing, there were several cooks in the kitchen from the team, each with valuable input which was taken into consideration when editing. Many conference calls and edits later, everyone was happy with the final product.

The Outcome

After the video premiered at CES and played on Profuse’s website, they secured a $7.5 million dollar grant which was shown in the military section of the video. Simplified Media helped show what the future could hold for Profusa.

Profusa CEO Ben Hwang Testimonial

Simplified Media created a video that clearly communicates the various uses of the Lumee device through an engaging story that is easy to follow. Ben's ability to craft visual stories is second to none. He did an amazing job and that is why the video is front and center on Profusa's website. The impact of a simple and effective video has been profound for our mission. I can't thank Ben enough for the work that he has done for us!

Ben Hwang, CEO Profusa


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