At our core, we are all storytellers.

Simplified Media was founded on the principle that behind every new idea is an interesting story. And for startups that have ideas, services, or products that can impact people’s lives, those stories need to be told. In authentic, engaging and memorable ways.

Ben McMillan, CEO & Founder

Simplified Media Inc. Founder Ben McMillan
Simplified Media Inc. Founder Ben McMillan Filming

Originally from the Bay Area, I’ve been a filmmaker for over fifteen years. After completing my degree in Film Production at NYU, I started making commercials, wrote and directed a feature film, and have worked in pretty much every narrative format.

In recent years, I’ve noticed that corporate videos aren’t given the same care and attention as other genres. What I’ve seen are a slew of dull, unemotional videos, created without a specific audience in mind. Even those that managed to be flashy, had little to no substance.

When I began focusing on making these videos interesting and enjoyable, taking what I learned in narrative and applying it to industrials, I immediately got great responses. People were engaged because I was bringing a strong sensibility to the format.

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Simplified Media wants to help you get your vision into the world.

I work with people who are immensely talented, incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and deeply passionate about what they are doing. They are true visionaries. Their belief in their work and how it will positively impact the world is awe-inspiring, and I truly enjoy supporting them in their efforts to turn their visions into reality.

Edwin Lewis Sr Producer Instrument

I've been fortunate to collaborate with Ben on several projects ranging the spectrum from entertainment with Disney ABC Television to sports apparel with Nike. Ben always delivers stellar, precise and visually compelling work. He is extremely collaborative, efficient and able to work with a specific scope and budget, and always able to find the right solution and approach to communicate compelling content.

-- Edwin Lewis, Senior Producer, Instrument

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